In the year of our lord and Savior 1959, a group guys from various families (mostly brothers and cousins) came together and started humming some tunes, one was singing bass, the other started with 1st tenor and then one said I can second said I can sing 2nd tenor. They pick a song and started harmonizing that really sound great. The first person was named John Culver and then Walter Woods senior, these guys was so thrilled and said why don’t we start a group and call it “The Spiritual Voices.” They all agreed. In 1988 a young preacher came their way and started singing with them and after 2 years the group asked him to take over as manager and is still managing today, his name is Pastor Sammy L. Edwards of living Faith Christian Church. As the years went on new members came and some left but, the spiritual voices are still thriving and singing for the Lord with vigor and vitality.